SolTorch Wax Pen Kit

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The SolTorch Wax Pen Kit is powered by a 1000mah battery complete with 3 easily adjustable heat settings (25w, 20w,15w). The SolTorch Wax Pen Kit comes with a deep ceramic bucket with 4 quartz heating rods carefully wrapped in copper wire for convenient on-the-go usage. The SolTorch also comes with a single quartz coil attachment to vape your concentrates "hummingbird" or "straw" style allowing the user to get extremely large amounts of vapor if they so choose. The versatility of the SolTorch Wax Pen appeals to both first-time users and seasoned concentrate veterans. 

How To Clean The SolTorch Coils

Contents of Express Kit:

1 - 1000 mah Battery
1 - Dab Coil (4 Heating Wires)
1 - Touch Coil (Single Heating Wire)
1 - Mouthpiece
1 - Micro USB Charger Cable
1 - User Manual


 Weight  76.2g
 Output Voltage
Full Charging Time
 2.5 Hours



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