Flow 2.0 Ceramic Cartridge

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 Volume 0.5ml/1.0ml
 Oil Inlet Hole Size
 Glass & Metal
 Thread  510


The Flow cartridges are built with a glass tank, a screw-on style ceramic mouthpiece and a unique ceramic coil that heats your extracts at lower temperatures thus preserving the terpene profile for amazing flavor! The ceramic coil is more porous than the average ceramic atomizer which allows for more efficient vaporization to occur on low temperature settings. We recommend pairing this with our SolPod or DualCharge so you can use the preheat settings to take delicious tokes at low voltages. Available with 1.6mm intake holes and 2.0mm intake holes for thicker extracts. Custom .9mm and 1.2mm Flow Carts can be made upon request for thinner oils! 

We recommend using the Flow cartridge on a low heat setting for smooth unparalleled flavor!

Email hello@heliospheresolutions.com for wholesale inquiries and to receive your custom discount code.